Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Four Grandmothers who are GREAT!

My boys are fortunate to have FOUR Great-Grandmothers. They chose what they would like to be called when Carter was born and 3 of them liked the sound of "GG" which obviously stands for Great-Grandmother. (Granny will always be Granny to everyone) We have GG Jamieson, Granny, GG Oakman and GG MacGregor. I have vague memories of the great-grandparents I had. Those who were living when I was born lived in Scotland and I only saw them when they were here to visit once every few years.  Although Chris & I lead a very busy life we are sure to do our best to have them as involved in their lives as much as possible. Already, at the young ages of 7 and 4, Carter & Callum's minds are rich with stories from these elderly (but wise) ladies who are a huge part of the people we have all become.  How lucky our boys are to have four GREAT grandmothers!

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