Monday, July 6, 2009

Movie Going

So, the boys wanted to go see another boy movie and I really had my heart set on seeing My Sister's Keeper. There was no way I was going to talk Chris into a "chick flick" and the boys didn't seem to care if I went to their show or not. When we got to the theatre, I noticed it was pretty empty for a Sunday afternoon and there were not a lot of people around. Last minute, I decided to let them go see the guy movie and I went to the theatre next to it and saw my "chick flick".... solo!
At first, I was a little uncertain of going into a movie alone... what would people think of me? Would they think I have absolutely no one else in the world to go to a show with? Would they think I'm a loner? I walked in, scoped the theatre out with a quick glance around and noticed it was not busy at all. In fact, there were a few prime rows open and empty. I ended up having an entire row to myself with no one in front of me at all. I started to relax a bit and the movie began.
With the first 5 minutes, I could feel myself getting all choked up. A few minutes more into the show and the tears were streaming down my face; there was no holding back. When I realized once again that I was out in public at a theatre and in that theatre alone, I quickly pulled myself together. Then from behind me, I heard sniffling and off to the side a few rows down, I saw a lady dabbing her eyes with tissue. I wasn't the only one bawling my eyes out! I had no one else near me, Chris wasn't there to make fun of me and so I thought about that for a second. I turned my attention back to the movie (which was fabulous!!) and had not a dry eye for the rest of the flick.
Never before, would I ever have considered going to a movie alone but after this freeing experience I just might plan it that way the next time a good "chick flick" is playing!

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