Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playing Catch

Carter asked me to play catch with him today numerous times. At first, we were at my sister-in-laws (who is also our neighbour) but I was helping to get dinner out. Then I couldn't play because I was helping to clean up dinner. Next I still couldn't play; I was having dessert. Then, the next time he asked.... I grabbed a glove and I'm so very glad I did. Catch has always been a "daddy" thing. I don't think I've ever really played the game "catch" with Carter before! I do everything else you can possibly think of for him and with him, but playing catch? Maybe when he was super small.... it's been awhile anyways.
He was giving me pointers and telling me what a great job I was doing. I'm sorry.... when did he grow up? We chit chatted about this and that, talked about what he did while I was at work in the morning and went over our plans for the rest of the weekend. It was only for a short time that we threw the baseball back and forth before he decided he wanted to play with his brother and his cousins. It really made me think about how short the young years are and how these days are not going to last forever. What an opportunity that game of catch was for me to bond with my boy. I can't wait until he wakes up in the morning... I'm gonna ask him if he wants to play catch again with me!

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