Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smoocheroo, I Love You!

It's our "thing"... it's what we do, it's what we say... "Smoocheroo, I Love You!" First thing in the morning we say it, when they get on and off the school bus or when I leave for work we say it. It's our thing. I just said it one day when Carter was really really little, and it has stuck ever since. If I'm in a hurry and try to just yell it up the stairs to the boys before leaving the house, they freak out and come running because they tell me you can't just say Smoocheroo, I Love You, you have to DO Smoocheroos too, and thats where I get my little boy kisses that I love so much.

I've often thought about what things will look like when my boys grow up and wish I could just freeze time right now for a little while longer. I know they won't stay little for long and so I really, really enjoy my kids. Some people aren't fortunate to realize this until it's too late and they miss out. I find comfort in knowing I'll have no regrets there. I do worry that once the kids grow and have their own lives, schedules and even families that what I have now will be gone. Will they want to come running to me to tell me about their day? Will they have a big smoocheroo for me in return when I kiss them as adults? Who really knows, but I have hope because of what I heard someone say the other day.

He is a grown 25 year old guy who was giving me a run down of what he figured his Friday night was going to look like. He had a blind date but said he hadn't seen his Mom in days because they had both been so busy and told me very casually he just wanted to run home first to kiss her and check in on her before heading out.... From a Mom perspective, those words make a mommy melt!! MELT! OMG! It can happen! They can grow up and still love their mommies like little boys are supposed to! Obviously his Mom did her job well and I'm hoping my boys feel I am too. I won't expect them to say "Smoocheroo, I Love You" at that age but if I can get the love, respect and acknowledgement his Mom gets from him.... I'll know I raised them right!

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