Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Da Meanest Mommy Evah!!

Yep. I've heard it before and I'm sure I'll hear it again. "You da meanest Mommy evah!" (Callum) and "Wutz you pwobwem anyways?" (Kaitlyn) and also "I'm so sick of you" (courtesy of Kaitlyn again) I have heard these words come from the mouths of the children I love and devote my life to.

Today we spent the afternoon at the SPCA animal shelter at my neice's birthday party. It was a great place for the kids to be as they can really learn a lot about compassion, giving and gratitude at a place like that. There were so many dogs, cats and other animals waiting to be adopted. It was hard to read all of the little blurbs posted on each of their kennels about where they came from, their characteristics and why they are there. Although they are all very unique in their own way, they all had in common their search for a "Forever Home."

I clearly explained to my family before going in, that we were NOT going to be bringing a pet home today. We have had a dog before and I was not ready to have another one yet. Admittedly, my heart sank a little as I watched my kids (especially Callum) gaze at the pets as they walked past each cage.

We successfully left empty handed but not without a struggle. I was expecting to hear the children tell me I was the meanest Mommy ever. I was expecting them to put up a fuss about not getting a pet, even though they were warned ahead of time. But they didn't. It is my husband who is giving me a hard time!! The mood he has been in since leaving there and the lines he has thrown at me in reaction to us leaving empty handed is unbelievable. He basically had all the dogs he would like to have picked out and all I had to do was choose one. Wasn't that sweet of him? He was letting ME choose!?! How very considerate of him! His behaviour was worse than any of the children's and his arguments for wanting to get a dog today were very weak. I am the one who will be home with it all day and a new dog is like having another baby in the house. I already do home daycare... I don't need to have another baby around right now. I am the one who would have to walk it and be home for it. We wouldn't be able to take off for weekends away without planning for someone to take it. I hardly ask anyone to baby-sit for me. Just how am I supposed to ask for someone to dog-sit for me? I am not ready to make these commitments yet. One of these days, far, far from today, I imagine we will once again have a dog in the house but today is not that day.

Animal lover he is. Push over I am not. Guess today I'm da meanest wife EVAH!!

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