Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Can Be Read Like An Open Book...

I've often been told I can be read like an open book because of my facial expressions. I also wear my heart on my sleeve so if I like you, you'll know it.
Today I had a "Face Reading" done which was pretty interesting. Here's what I learned my face says....

I make people feel comfortable because I can adapt to their needs.... I mirrored the guys body language when he suggested we get started.
When I squint when I'm listening it's because I am taking it all in, but processing the information in my own way and deciding how I feel about it. When my eyes are wide open or my eyebrows are raised it's because the information doesn't really need to be processed... it's more of entertainment information and I take it as it is.
The slope of my nose means I'm very direct with how I shoot out information to people. I tell it like it is but once I reflect on what I've said, I worry about how they've interpreted it and have to go back and explain what I really meant to say..... THIS IS SOOOO ME!
My jawline says I'm a person who can be told to do a task and I get the job done. I can be counted on. (awwww! Love that!)
I'm a thinker. The lines in my forehead mean I have multiple conversations going on in my head at the same time. I can block them out if I'm in a deep conversation with someone which brings some relief to me... which is probably why I LOVE going for lunch/coffee/dinner/beers with friends because it gives me a break away from the chaos of thoughts going through my head.
My lip line tells him I should always follow my gut instinct. I am a person that can be persuaded to do something even though my gut tells me not to.... he says I need to follow my gut. OKAY.
The first and last thing he talked to me about is that I am "a radiant being of empathy." HOW COOL IS THAT?? He said it's written all over my face.

I'm not so sure how I feel when people tell me they can read me like an open book or that I wear my heart on my sleeve, but if what they are reading is that I'm a Radiant Being of Empathy, then thats all good! lol ; )

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