Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You May Say I'm A Dreamer....

Every year as we approach the Holiday Season, the words to John Lennon's Imagine start filling my head more often than any other time of the year. It's my all-time favourite song but I think about it more around this time with feelings of anxiety.
I'm gearing up to go on my annual Girls Shopping in the USA Weekend next week, which I love and look forward to. While we make time for fun, we go there on a mission to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible. As I make my list of what I need to get and who I need to buy for, I always struggle with ideas... because none of these people really need anything. When I hear the words in my favourite song, I think about what all this money could go towards and how many people could really benefit from it. There are people in this world without clean drinking water, and I'm struggling to remember which Transformers my kids said they needed in order to have the entire set!?! My boys are living a very materialistic childhood, very similar to the one in which I grew up and I feel very off balance by it all. We are a family who goes to the fire station every year with new toys for the Toy drive, we donate to charities & food banks and we contribute to our community through organizations our children are involved in.... but those things are not what will bring balance to this whole Christmas madness for me. I'm not religious so it's not about the over commercialization of Christmas and loss of meaning that bothers me so much.... it's about having far more than we really need in life in general. We should be sharing the wealth with the countries that don't know how to grow their own food, need medications and educations and who would truly benefit from the money we blow on unnecessary things each and every day of the year... not just at Christmas. I guess it bothers me more at this time of year because of how much extra we shell out on such material things. I've got some thinking to do.... because something is going to have to change in how we do Christmas in the years to come. I want to be able to say Happy Holidays and really mean it. And really feel it. Imagine?

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