Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saroot Stole 'Em

As I was packing the kids lunches this morning Callum asked me for mini rice cakes again because he didn't get to eat his the other day. When I asked why, he told me "Saroot stole 'em!" He said he told the lunch monitor and that Saroot got in trouble.... he even got a detention after school. I asked Callum what he thought of that and to my delight he said "Maybe Saroot's mommy didn't buy rice cakes for his lunch and he just wanted some" So Callum wasn't angry. He has an understanding of why this boy would take from him. He wasn't feeling spiteful or happy that Saroot got a detention. Awesome.
I explained that the little boy should have asked Callum if he could have them and it's too bad that because he didn't use his words, he got in trouble. I suggested to Callum that we pack Saroot a little bag of rice cakes for himself today and Callum is feeling great about sharing with him.
It's hard to teach your kids about having empathy without having them turn out to be the people who get taken advantage of. It seems these boys of mine are on the right track so I'm gonna have to just let nature take it's course and watch how they choose to handle situations like this going forward.
As far as today goes, Callum and Saroot will each have rice cakes for snack and Callum is happy about that.

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