Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seriously, Canada?

I just told Canada that if it cancels the seal hunt, I will make a snow angel in a bathing suit. What would you do to save seals?

See what everyone else is doing:


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

McCruelty-I'm Hatin' It

Today I attended a PETA protest at McDonalds and I took my kids out of school a couple of hours early for it. They got on their adorable little PETA KIDS t-shirts and held those signs up with pride. Some might say it's wrong for me to expose my children to this information at such young ages but it's so amazing at how informed they really are already. Both boys were interviewed and gave answers that made this mama proud. Anything that is related to animal compassion should be taught to born and bread vegetarian children. It should be taught to ALL children and create some awareness around animal cruelty. Too many people turn a blind eye around this subject.

In my opinion, vegetarianism and animal rights activeness can be compared to religion. Billions and billions of parents around the world choose a certain religion for their children, then take them to a church/temple/gathering/whatever to expose them to their beliefs. The difference for me is, vegetarianism has actual facts standing behind the WHY we live the WAY we do.... When people ask me if I gave my kids a choice to be vegetarian, I ask them if they gave their kids a choice to be the religion they are. The conversation usually stops there. Perfect.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because Of Things Like Vanilla Rice Krispies, I Cannot Be A Full Time Working Mom

On the odd day here and there when I have to work a morning shift at my very very part time job, it's total chaos in my house. On the drive into work I feel anxious everytime that I didn't make beds, I worry that my kids are going to need me and I won't be home and I hate that the breakfast dishes often stay dirty either in the sink, if they make it that far, but usually are left on the table right where the kids ate. The Vanilla Rice Krispies are glued onto the table by the time I get home at night because of the sugar coating and you almost have to use steel wool to get them off sometimes. I also feel the guilt of the morning rush. My kids are used to having fairly mellow mornings. There's always time to watch a bit of TV or play a video game before school but on my work mornings everything is a mad rush.
Tomorrow is going to be one of my work mornings and I've spent more time organizing for it than the amount of hours I'll actually work in my shift. I don't know how full time working moms do it. They are stronger that I.

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