Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So In Sync

It's true that kids can be unpredictable. They are their own beings and have minds of their own. Since a very young age, I've tried to instill independence in my kids in hopes they will become capable & self-reliant individuals. They will take from life what they will, and I have no control over how they absorb the lessons or what they do with the information from there. Everyone's learning style is different. Everyone's interpretation of things varies.  As a parent, all I can do is offer the experiences.
I'm realizing as I raise my boys that they are very different from one another. I often don't understand Callum at all which makes parenting parenting, really. I love him dearly but he is very unpredictable to me. My oldest however, is just like me. Not only physically, but he is me personality wise and he learns how I learn.... through emotion. I feel like some days I can read his mind. I can feel what he is explaining to me before he even gets all the words out. I can see in his face when he's troubled and my heart crushes when he cries because I feel his pain. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I can read him like an open book. He can also sense when I'm having an off day. He and I are so in sync. He is my clone. My Mini-Me. And one of my two wonderful creations in this life.

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