Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Choose Compassion

Three Generations of Circus Boycotters
The Shrine Circus came to town and myself as well as 50+ other animal rights activists went to create some awareness around the abuse these circus animals endure on a daily basis. For the most part, we received positive feedback and one couple even turned around and went home, claiming the thought never even occurred to them. We were thanked and supported by many, others just pretended to not see the gruesome signage and of course, there were some people who had opposing opinions. One man made a remark in passing about me having my children there.... I really wish he had taken the time to stop and discuss it, because I love this topic. 
On a daily basis, parents all over the world expose their children to various religions. It is socially acceptable to take children to church, or temple etc etc and have those children absorb the parents beliefs from very young ages. The children are expected to learn, obey and live their lives according to those beliefs. It is up to each individual family to decided what values they want to instill in their kids, and determine which way they will execute that.... be it Sunday School, Christian School or however else they choose.
Our way of living does not have a Bible, we do not sing hymns or gather on a weekly basis. Instead, we've chosen to teach our children values such as compassion through concrete measures in our home and by including them in demonstrations that they feel good about participating in. By raising them vegetarian and educating them on how to live a compassionate lifestyle, I'm hoping that as our future generation they will be informed enough to make a positive difference in this world.  Am I ignorant to assume that is what we all want for our children? To turn out to be good people! Children are a reflection of us and so as good parents we do what we can to raise them right. And I think it's ok that we all do that in different ways.
Unfortunately Buddy from last night didn't hang around long enough to hear me out but maybe, just maybe he has taken a minute since then to think about his remark and ponder the thought that maybe, just maybe because of a compassionate up-bringing, my kids actually wanted to be there.

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