Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If It Were A Religous Stunt, People Would Be All Over Her, But It's Not.... She's Only Wearing Meat

Lady Gaga's appearance on Ellen wearing her raw meat dress can be compared to Sinead O'Connor's appearance on SNL when she ripped up the photo of the Pope but it's really not that big of a deal to the majority of people, considering the majority of people in this world are not vegetarian. Ellen is VEGAN and Lady Gaga wore her offensive meat dress on her show.... People were outraged and horrified when Sinead did what she did saying it was insulting, offensive and unmoral but no one really thinks too much about it when a star such as Lady Gaga stands on Ellen's stage wearing abused, tortured, slaughtered beings. Sinead's stunt got so much attention because it hit a nerve amongst religious groups across the world, but Lady Gaga gets away with being un-ethical because most people don't think there is anything wrong with eating (or wearing, obviously) animals. Shame on her.

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