Friday, December 3, 2010

I'll Miss Your Smiling Voice

I've often joked about how you can set your watch by the morning routine of our court. The Catholic school bus comes a few minutes before ours and if you're out there just those few minutes early, you'll see little Melanie walking down her driveway and you'll hear Laurie, hidden by the trees on her front lawn yell out in a voice that is smiling "Bye Mel! I love you!!" Then as we make our way over to the bus stop, you'll see Larry and his dog Nugget come out of Rose's house with a cup of coffee in hand. He goes home and Rose, who is always dressed for success, backs out of the driveway, waving to us as she passes by. The boys who live next door to me head out right after her. Always. Dino drives past a few minutes later with his big work trailer attached to his truck and he and the young guy that works for him also throw a wave our way. Leila drives up around then and waits at the bus stop with us. Next Larry leaves in his truck, Maddie comes home from driving her kids to high school, the woman in the white crossover from the other court comes in to pick up the kids that go to the private school and thats usually about the time our bus comes, which is when you'll see Lauren racing to catch it. She almost misses it every day. Thats when you know it's 8:35am in the court.

Yesterday we lost one of neighbours. The court will never be quite the same. I sat up for hours last night with a bottle of wine in hand staring at her house across the street. She is probably the only one on this street that could pull off wearing a bikini while washing her car out front or manage to wear heels while walking the dog at the park. She's also so the only one who can evoke the feeling you get when you'd hear her say "Bye Mel! I love you!!" that voice that smiles.  It's a sad day here in the court.  There is unbalance. The routine has come to a halt. Vehicles that should have left for work, didn't. The blinds are drawn across the street and there is a definite emptiness about her house today..... and it's just not right.

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