Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's The Most Overwhelming Time Of The Year!

So I'm back from my annual Girls Shopping Weekend and have made a good dent in my list of who I need to buy for.... I should be be feeling ahead of the game at this point. Instead, the overwhelming, almost paralyzing feelings of Christmas preparation are hitting me. There are still cards to do & mail, gifts to wrap & some still to buy, a house to decorate inside & out with TWO trees to put up, meals to plan & dinners to host, events to be at etc etc etc. And this is all on top of what needs to be done on a regular basis around here like housework, errands, homework & kids activities. And when it's all over my family & kids will have more material things than they really need (but someone less fortunate might) and I'll have spent a small fortune that could have gone towards doing better in the world.  These are the motions I go through each and every year.

But I've made a decision. It's still early. It's December 1st and I have 24 more sleeps til Santa comes and that is my most favourite part. Although that might sound hypocritical to what I've just said about materialism, but it's not about what he brings. It's about believing in him and all the wonder that goes along with his story. It's the magical part of Christmas that only my kids can create for me and I'm unsure just how much longer I'll get to enjoy that. So, I've made the decision to do one thing at a time, delegate some of the wrapping to my husband and try to stay positive this season.  Afterall, it's supposed to be the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! (I can do this!! Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming)

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