Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today Is My New January 1st

It's been a whole month since Thursday February 3rd and it's still bugging me. I broke one of my New Years Resolutions. I'm so ashamed of myself and have tried to let it go, but it's eating away at me. It doesn't even really matter what is was, but the fact that I made a commitment to myself that I didn't follow through on is really weighing on me. What does this say about my character?? I should be able to count on myself! I don't make a lot of resolutions because I intend to never break them and that can get really heavy, so I keep them simple and try my damndest to stay true to them. Now, here I've gone against my own word....
I've spent the last month agonizing over this and trying to come up with a way to forgive, which is something I tend to do very easily when it comes to others. I'm having a really hard time doing it for myself.
My solution is to just admit I effed up and start today off as if it's January 1st all over again. I'm giving myself a fresh start on that 2011 resolution. So, ....Happy New Years Resolution Round Two to me, and let's move on!

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