Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Proud Proud Mama!

My kids have brought home awards before but never have I been as proud as I was yesterday when I learned they BOTH won the 'Citizenship Award' for their grade levels. It means they show respect, are deemed as being trustworthy and show concern for the well being of others. Carter was absolutely glowing as he told me that his teacher did a speech at the School Assembly (my god, I'm welling up just typing this!) about Carter being a good citizen globally, how he is a member of PETA and gave examples on how he and his family live a compassionate lifestyle. Callum's teacher spoke of him showing sympathy towards his peers and told the school he is a friend who can be counted on. This is so wonderful for me as a mother because as different as my boys are in personality, appearance & interests, it goes to show that what values you foster and instill in children will mean something and will make a difference in the type of people they are in this world. Celine Dion once said on an episode of Oprah, "it's not what you give them, it's how you raise them" and this rings true for me as a parent who admits to being guilty of materialistically giving far too much to my kids. It goes to show that them 'having' stuff doesn't mean they 'lack' goodwill. They are not spoiled brats, they are learning to pay forward with both sharing possessions & doing things for people with heart & soul in their efforts.
Callum struggles with reading and Carter is easily frustrated with mathematics (he comes by that honestly) but overall my children get fairly good grades. Had they brought home an award of any kind, academically or for participation, I would have showered them with congratulations for their efforts. This particular award however speaks to our core values as a family, .... I am absolutely beaming with pride. I am very thankful to those special teachers who have brought awareness of these traits forth and made my sons shine!!

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