Thursday, November 3, 2011

Marks The Spots

I got out my Magic Cleaning Eraser today and scrubbed my walls; I have two boys and my house is usually full of children so it doesn't take long for the walls to get grungy. In doing so I see all of the many dents and dings there are in my foyer and along the hallway. They're permanent marks that look like an eyesore and anyone else would probably have patched them up by now.

One dent I recognize from when the kids were small enough to be in a double stroller. I parked it in the same spot near my front door and the indent in my wall shows where it used to sit. Those baby years are so over for us.  Another few I know are from Callum running into the house in full goalie gear to use the bathroom. The hockey stick bashes all along the hallway as he hurries down it to go pee before the others begin the game again without him. He has such passion about him. The little nicks above the shoe rack are from where the kids leave their helmets and the ones near the baseboards marks the spots where the remote control trucks that have crashed along many times over the years. Some were even created accidentally by my husband, who is a child at heart and has been caught golfing down that hall on occasion. It's also been used as a bowling alley, a soccer field and race track for Hot Wheels cars and a railroad track for Thomas The Train. We've had trikes and bikes and scooters and sleds journey down that corridor as well. (And our guitars have left an indent or two when leaned against it!)

I of course don't know how every wall bash happened or who the paint destroyer was. From the chaotic life we live it's no wonder that hall looks the way it does; esthetically it's hideous. But at every glance some memory or another sweeps through my mind and evokes that emotion of gratitude for having a house that is so full of life and love and busyness and happiness. It's a place of comfort and warmth; where children want to play and be. If a few walls get dented in the process then we'll just put it on the repair list, .....but way way down on the list. I'm not ready for the memories they represent to disappear just yet!

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