Friday, May 4, 2012

Starbucks, This 'Bugs' Me

I've heard of companies using cochineal beetles before and I know to look for it on the ingredients of what I buy in the grocery store but I wouldn't think to look for it in a Starbucks drink. The beetles are used as an alternative to artificial flavourings but it's not a good alternative! Seventy thousand beetles are killed to produce just one pound of the red dye. Here's my idea.. for a cool drink on a hot day, drink REAL drinks like Water and Lemonade made with real lemons. I do love a Starbucks Coffee once in awhile and appreciate the company's interest in providing products that are Fair Trade. This one ingredient probably won't make me stop going there but it does make me want to spread the word to fellow Vegetarians. A drink that was once Vegan is no longer and of course I know now to never order these items. Most people freak out at the sight of an insect, imagine drinking up the crushed bugs AND paying $7 for it. Regardless if you live an ethical lifestyle or not, it's just gross! Read this article I saw today on Yahoo Shine about the Starbucks Strawberry Cream Frappuccino and Strawberry Smoothies.

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