Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm A Believer

I love Twitter. It's my 'Go To' for News and Networking. I don't use it as a social networking tool in the same sense as I use Facebook; it's more about connecting with like minded people who share the same interests as me but who I don't necessarily know. In fact I can count on both hands how many people I actually do know on a personal level from my Followers List. Today I saw a random tweet to the Twitterverse from @TaisonKrew : "Weird question? Does anyone believe in having a soul?" I responded with "I'm a believer" I received a tweet in return "@jennjam why do you think so?"
..There was far too much of an explanation behind this to try to cram into 140 characters and so this blog post was created :)

I  believe we are souls, not that we have a soul as such. And it's not something I think, it's something I feel. My ideas surrounding this probably differs from how others might answer the same question and I mean no offence to anyone. I should mention first off that I know @TaisonKrew. We used to work together and I want to say I know him well enough to think he believes we are soulful, but I'm not certain. I grew up in a religious free household. Neither one of my parents practiced it and so there is no religious influence on what I'm about to say here. I have always felt very connected to my world. I believe in the ability to create ones own happiness. I feel the various energies in my surroundings. I feel the vibrations of other peoples fear and anxiety, I feel the heaviness of their sadness. I feel the rush of positivity that runs though the air when something wonderful is said or done, and when something wonderful is done but unsaid, the rush has even more force. I love the knowing without saying. That soul to soul communication. There is meaning but there are no words. An unspoken universal language; it's felt not heard. And the people who 'get it', just know when someone else 'gets' it. It has nothing to do with race, gender or class. It's deeper than that feeling of your 'heart melting' over something that touches you emotionally. These energies run further than those feelings. You must be open to allowing them in to really feel them too. They dive through into your core being, or what I believe to be your 'soul'. Every experience that touches you this deeply is absorbed and taken with you from life to life. This core is connected to your subconscious and has the power to protect and guide you if you listen to it. At the right moments in our lives, the Universe will give us a glimpse of our destiny through a dream, a thought, a vision. It is up to us to follow those energies that lead us through the path to that particular destiny. This is no secret. People have been living life this way for ages and ages. It just needs to be recognized and trusted. It's why it's so important to think positively in every encounter. Although we are destined for some drama and negativity in our lives, it will have a purpose that we will learn and draw from at a later time. Maybe even in another lifetime. Not everything is meant to make sense in the moment. Not every experience needs to be analyzed and logically understood, but it should be recognized in order to balance the emotions that may come along with it and then simply accepted as being meant to be. Some people have a natural tendency to deflect these energies as they can be very physically and mentally draining but what they maybe don't realize is they are depriving themselves the opportunities these experiences provide for us down the road; it's unfortunate. Not everything in life is meant to be understood but everything that happens is for a reason. If we can learn to let go of certain experiences and take them for what they are, we will free ourselves from many of the anxieties that torture us. I feel as if I have an old soul; one with many impressions made on it. One that has absorbed many lifetimes of experiences. In the chaotic world I live in and the many roles I play to the many people in my life, I'm grateful for the days where I can acquire stillness from within and connect to my true being for inspiration. In those moments I accept myself for who I am knowing that my inner spirit has lead me to where I'm at ..and for good reason. I don't know if this actually answers the question @TaisonKrew posted, but it's the best way I can describe why I'm a believer.

"We are spiritual beings, having a human experience" ~Oprah Winfrey

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