Friday, August 17, 2012

NOT Everyone Loves Marineland

When our kids were really little, my husband bought passes for Marineland every year for three years. I never felt right about being there but it was a compromise. Chris has never challenged me on raising our boys on a vegetarian diet, he has no issues when I give them markers and bristol board to create signs for the protests and demonstrations I take them to and my carnivore husband eats tofu for dinner on a regular basis. Studying sea life is a passion of his; he uses his saltwater tanks for educational purposes and teaches our children all the fascinating things there are to know about the under water world. This doesn't mean I agree with it, but it does mean I know that every marriage has compromises to make and this is one of them. He knows and appreciates this. Marineland was his thing. I'd take the kids on my own while I did home daycare but we'd go just for the rides, have a picnic and call it a day. I could never bring myself to taking the children to the viewing tanks, or to visit the sickly deer living in an unnatural habitat, or to gawk at the sad looking bears living in concrete caves. It was heartbreaking and I knew I was contributing to this torment. After the second year of having passes, my husband noticed one of the baby Orcas who had been born the previous year was missing. He asked one of the female trainers who shrugged her shoulders and simply said "It died" The following year another Orca was missing, the mother. My husband circled the tanks, walked around the other viewing areas but she was no where to be found. When he asked, he was told that she had died. In 2004, Marineland had five Orcas. Today it has one. Sad. And so wrong.
The other day a story broke out on the torture that goes on at that place. Some former Marineland trainers have finally come forward and disclosed the reality of the facility. Read the article published in the Toronto Star and see why this place should be shut down. Not everyone loves Marineland.

This isn't the only facility in Canada that needs to go. As of March 2012, 38 dolphins have died at the Vancouver Aquarium; 9 Orcas, 7 Narwhals, 9 Belugas and 13Pacific White Sided Dolphins all lost their lives due to pro captivity in this money making business. Nottare

s50 years, the Vancouver Aquarium didn't have any successful breeding program. Three orca babies, four beluga babies and two Pacific white-sided dolphin babies have died. As of March 2012 at least 9 orcas, 7 narwhals, 9 Belugas, 

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