Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blackfish ~Documentary

Last night I saw the movie Blackfish with a group of people I organize with. Because of all the years I've spent being an advocate for animals, I really expected I wouldn't learn anything new from this film. I thought I had heard it all before but went to refresh what I already know and enjoy a night out. Instead I left the theatre with a wealth of knowledge. I gained insight as to how the trainers are trained. I saw the clip from the capture of Tillicum who has lived his life in a bathtub instead of the natural habit he came from. Horrified, I watched on film humans separate a mother and baby because the little one was a distraction to the mother during performances at Seaworld; always wanting to be by her side. I saw the torment she suffered, I heard the blood curdling cries she screamed and could relate to her grief all too well. I felt this film, I didn't just watch it. Everyone should see this movie. And afterwards, whoever is capable of stepping foot in an aquarium park, zoo or anywhere else that holds animals captive is simply ..heartless.

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