Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grounded.... or not!

My kids know the routine. When they get home from school they need to empty their lunch bags, put the ice pack in the fridge and do their homework. This is just the way it goes. On Monday morning as we were leaving for the school bus, Carter opened his school bag and pulled out the homework he didn't do and asked me to do it quickly for him!! Grade two, and he tried to get me to do his homework. I told him he was grounded (for the first time ever) when he got home. No playing hockey outside, no Wii, no DS, no friends over.... grounded. After he left for school I noticed amidst the chaos he had forgot to pack his shoes and would need them for gym, so of course they needed to be delivered to the school. Yep. He was grounded! As soon as he got home, he got right to work on his homework and then handed me this note.

How adorable is he....
He's so not in trouble in now.

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