Monday, March 25, 2013

Organically Grown Success

Clifford Myers (left) Javier Enrique (right)
There used to be a free regular open mic comedy show that I'd go to every week after work with my buddy Javier who would often go up to do a set. I'd watch the same people do their thing week after week yet it never became dull to me. I was always amazed at the courage these comics had to stand up and take that risk where they might be laughed at instead of the actual jokes. I'd sit really quietly in the audience, off to the side, out of the way and almost hold my breath for each one as they went up. Once they'd start making the room laugh I could feel their anxiety fade and their confidence rise as they continued on; a pretty awesome transition to watch. After The Staircase weekly shows came to a halt due to lack of support from the local community (shame on us Hamilton!) the group of guys continued to set up other gigs at bars across the city, acquired spots on college radio shows and did out of town work in the Toronto and Niagara regions.

Clifford Myers (click on that link and 'Like' his page before you read any further!) was one of the guys I'd find myself silently cheering on from the audience; he shows his passion for his work and I admire that. And even though I had heard many of his same jokes on several occasions, it was a different show at each venue I saw him at. He gets a read on his audience and adapts to them. He can sense the vibes in the room and goes with that flow. This boy is intuitive that way! Outside of his many in-city performances, I saw him also at The Central, Crown & Tiger and Second City in Toronto as well as Club 54 in Burlington. This Friday night I'll be there to cheer him on as he opens again (for a second year!) in Toronto for Craig Gass at the Panasonic Theatre. I feel so proud of this guy and it's not so I can say 'I knew him when' when he becomes rich and famous one day (well.. I might brag about that later in life but it's not what makes me feel how I do for him) I feel proud to know of a guy who over the past few years has been so dedicated to his passion in life and is seeing success because of it. I feel proud that he was organically grown by the love and support of his fans and fellow comics in my hometown. Nothing at all tainted about his success; pure natural talent and devotion is what put him where he is today. I feel pride because I know someone who has the drive in him to set goals and is achieving them. Have a look online at his videos and pages regardless of where you're reading from because one day he might just make an appearance in your own city and you won't want to miss it.  'Like' him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter @Cliffalus or have a look at his (seldom updated) website to learn more about him. As for you Hamilton, watch for his show listings and go check him out in real life to see what you've been missing.

And Clifford if you read this on Twitter, (which you will because you're a tweet-aholic) know I will sit in the audience with your fans and friends this Friday not-so-silently cheering you on as you continue to grow in the organic success of your comic career; hope you'll feel the energy of those good vibes from way up on stage that we'll be sending your way!
I'd wish you luck as well buddy ..but you won't need it :)

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