Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm In Love With My City

I believe in supporting my local community as best I can. I shop at local stores, I buy from farmers markets, I eat out at family owned restaurants and drink at establishments operated by people of the city who have invested in their business. I buy tickets for charity groups in our area, go out to Art Crawls and watch comedy shows and bands play at local venues. Hamilton gets a bad rap from so many who focus only on the industrial end of which many of our residents livelihoods are dependant upon. This city is full of culture and diversity and if you truly take the time to appreciate the really great things about it you'll see those things reflected throughout.
I play an active role in the animal rights organizations within the city, my kids play sports at the many beautiful parks and arenas nearby, we visit the AGH and the Royal Botanical Gardens etc but theres so much more to be a part of here; there's a place of interest for everyone, you just have to source it out. There's a new game lounge open downtown, you can roller skate in the outdoor rink at Bayfront Park in the nicer weather or hang out at a Vegan Community Potluck if thats your thing! I could spend hours posting what is going on these days but instead I suggest you check out sites such as Beaux Mondes Jamie Gunner Smith Tourism Hamilton and ihearthamilton or search the hashtag #HamOnt on Twitter. You'll see all that Hamilton has to offer this way AND you'll always be in the know for where the Food Trucks are!!

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