Saturday, July 3, 2010

Schools Out For Summer

I admit it. I've done the "It's the most wonderful time of the year" dance when September comes and the kids go back to school. I think by the time summer is over, everyone is ready for a little routine to be put back in our lives.

Summer has just started however, and I'm thoroughly enjoying having my kids home again. These boys are growing up way too fast and I just want to freeze where we are right now for a little longer. They're independent enough to not need babied anymore, but still little enough to need mommied.  It upsets me to think that in another few years, they will be making their own plans for summer.

I'm really looking forward to spending these next 10 weeks with just them and do all that I can do to keep their minds learning and their bodies busy. I've come to the sad realization that this stage of my life is not going to last forever. I really can't imagine I'll be doing the back to school dance this year.

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