Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Reality Of Our Kids Food

My kids will tell you they love tofu or seitan. They will tell you they like healthy foods such as broccoli and beans. They only people I find who are surprised when they say things like this are adults. I've actually heard someone in my family say "Little boys aren't supposed to like salad!" Whaaaat?? Other kids are curious to know what some of that stuff is, whereas the parents can't believe I would actually feed my kids these things and tell them what they are. "Your kids know it's soy and they still eat it?" This makes no sense to me. Why do we hide from our children the reality of food? (And when I say "WE" I definately don't mean "ME") Why aren't we honest about what we're feeding them? Do they not have a right to know? As a society we flat out lie to these kids. We want them to be sheltered from the knowledge of the mechanics of our food before it hits the table, so we hide it from them. To talk about the torture the innocent animals endure before being brutally slaughtered is just "not right" according to most. Instead, we serve up that scallded alive, pumped full of steroids chicken in fun spaceship shapes and sell dead cow that lived all her days as a dairy slave until being murdered for hamburger meat, in boxes labeled "Happy Meal". How ironic. Parents I know will try to get veggies into their kids diets by hiding it in foods they do like (I'm totally guilty of having done this once or twice) however they neglect to put a small amount of that food on the side of the plate so it's visable and use it as a teachable moment. If we don't do this the kids will never be able to identify with these foods going forward into adulthood in a healthy and positive way. We as parents don't trust that we can tell the kids the vegetable they just ate is called SQUASH because maybe they've heard others accosiate with it in a bad way at some point, scaring them from giving it a chance. I know parents who say "Shhhh....Don't tell her there is spinach in it, ...she won't eat it!" Its absurd. I'm not claiming my kids like every healthy food out there (and I certainly don't like it all either) but my boys know the truth about the foods they are offered. They have a want to eat the things they know have vitamins in them, that will make them big and strong. I'm not afraid to tell my kids what something is or whats in it and they've learned to make good food choices at very young ages as a result.... There's no reason to hide it from them in my opinion and there are benefits to sharing this knowledge with them, ....just sayin'.

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