Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watermelon Smiles

I remember being a kid playing outside on hot summer days and almost dying of thirst but having too much fun to go inside for a drink. Sometimes my mom would call out to us to come sit at our picnic table out back where she'd have a huge tray of watermelon ready for us, all cut up into 'Watermelon Smiles'. The cold juice even felt good on my cheeks as I'd bite in the middle of the smile and the rind would curve up my face. I remember freaking out because I swallowed a seed one time and thought I would grow a watermelon inside of me if I drank a glass of water. My sister reassured me I'd be okay because I "didn't eat any dirt and to grow a watermelon you'd need soil with the seed and water". That was enough to calm my nerves and ease my
mind. (thanks again Linz) These are wonderful childhood memories for me. Something as simple as watermelon to my seven year old self is remembered as being brilliant. That I say, is brilliant in itself!
My kids have grown up with watermelon smiles but I buy the seedless kind so they don't have to fear a garden of watermelon growing inside of them. On busy weeks where I have to pack lunches for the kids a Watermelon Smile is just too big for the lunch pail. Instead I cut it up into cubes however, I know they associate this pretty pink juicy fruit with happiness and my Mommy instincts tell me they smile when they open the lunch pail and see it in there.

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