Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thankful For Me

Each year around this time I write up a quick post for all the things I am Thankful for in my life even though almost everything I write which revolves around my family or friends is written with my heart bursting with love and gratitude for them. All of that still stands true however..
I've come to some realizations lately and see myself differently these days. I've given myself a harsh evaluation and have decided to rid my heart and my head of the chaos that lives within. I think sometimes I over care about people and take on responsibilities that no one ever expected me to in the first place. Sometimes I blame the Mommy in me for my over helpfulness but really I've always been this annoying. And its draining. Not just to me but to the people around me I'm sure. So, I'm letting go. Letting go of the chaos so I have more space in my head and my heart to enjoy the love that does come full circle for me, the good energies that are sent my way that I often acknowledge but don't fully absorb because there is too much going on. I plan to care less about the people and things who don't make that much of an impact on my life and it's not a negative process. It's just the opposite really. I'm thankful that I have the wisdom and intuition to recognize when my life is unbalanced and I'm thankful for the strength I have within to be able to make it change. Without conceited intent I'm thankful for me and I know so many others in my life are as well, making me thankful for them; ..and see? That is how the love comes full circle. And soon I'll have the space to absorb it all.

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