Jennifer Jamieson has cause to celebrate—the mom single-handedly put a stop to a school field trip to Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ont.
According to an article in Yahoo, the Stoney Creek mom is hoping the public school board will ban all school visits to the tourist attraction.
“This is not some hippie bandwagon stunt," said Jamieson. "I am a mother [who is] truly concerned for and dedicated towards the welfare of animals."
Indeed, Jamieson's family has protested against Marineland, African Lion Safari, and the circus at Copps Coliseum in the past. So, when she heard about her nine-year-old son's forthcoming class trip to Marineland, she immediately got in touch with his teacher.
Fortunately, the teacher took her concerns to heart, and the kids at Mountain View are now headed to the Royal Botanical Gardens.
"I want my children to live a compassionate lifestyle and for society to stop viewing captivity as just another social norm," said Jamieson. "There's nothing educational about using animals for our entertainment.”
Last year, the board failed to approve school trips to Marineland due to "concerns." 
The park has long been dogged by allegations of abuse, though inspection of the park by associations, like the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, haven't revealed any "major issues."
Officials maintain that students will be missing out on “an unforgettable educational experience.”
Spill it. Should kids get a chance to experience animal parks as part of their "education"?
Marineland isn't the only park facing animal abuse allegations.