Monday, February 15, 2010

Protesting at the Vancouver Winter Olympics

The residents of Vancouver who are protesting the Winter Olympics have valid points in my opinion. I've been reading articles about the Fraser Valley which is where many homeless people have been taken, to create a facade in the city for when the tourists arrived. The homeless would be an embarrassment apparently.

They think that by moving these people out and giving them a tent to live under, that they've done them a favour. Parts of the Fraser Valley is known to be highly toxic and unsafe.

They are also making their voices heard on the corporate takeover that Vanoc has allowed to happen. These "sponsors" are getting all the glory for funding and making these games happen, but in reality it's the residents who are out of pocket and impacted financially the most.

The protesters want to remind the people of the world that these Olympics are taking place on stolen land. The city has gone into debt in order to host these games which the taxpayers will be responsible for, yet they don't have proper social programs in place for their own people in need. This website tells it all, so I won't go on and on about it. I just keep seeing my friends Facebook status updates saying nasty things about these protesters. If they read a little more into it all, they might understand why they are even there. I know I have.

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