Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Are All Connected

So, I saw the movie Avatar and now understand what all the hype is about. It was a great movie with inspiring messages in it. I love the respect shown in the moments where the Na'Vi people connect to the beings they've killed, I love when they "see" each other and I also love the whole motion of bonding. It's a bit different to how I've always viewed relationships but similar in some ways as well.

Here is my opinion on how it all works. I did not read this in any one book, I did not learn it from any one person and am not saying this is reality but I believe it to be true from my experiences. I feel we are all connected. We share the energy of the Universe and the goal is to keep your energy at a level where you are content but to not be greedy about it. The secret is can get dangerous if you're feeling too low in energy. You might use sarcasm towards someone else or say something mean to make them feel small and weak. This drains their energy and as it leaves them, you can feed off it in your time of weakness. This will fill you up but only until the next person comes along and does the same thing to you.... it becomes a vicious cycle if you're not careful.

If you are usually a balanced person, you will be full of energy and be a more positive person all round. A balanced person can freely give away their energy because there is always a constant flow of good energy coming their way from others in their life who willingly feed it to them. It's a positive flow, a positive circle of energy. Sometimes we cross paths with people who we have a stronger connection with than others. These people can be our complete opposites but can still be our strongest source of energy. We fill voids within each other and learn from each other.

I am many things to many people with whom I connect with on a daily basis. I am a Wife and I'm a Mother which includes being a Cook, a Housekeeper, a Family Accountant, a Parent Volunteer, a Teacher/Tutor, a Taxi Driver, a Personal Secretary who organizes all the appointments and sport activities, a Travel Agent, a Storyteller, a Playmate, a Personal Shopper, a Singer/DJ, an Entertainer, a Photographer, Santa Claus and more.

To other parents, I'm a Caregiver for their children. These people trust me entirely to teach, love, respect and care for what is most precious to them in this world. This takes a lot of energy but I'm fortunate to be rewarded with children who fill me back up with their smiles and their love.

I'm also a Friend to many people, a Confidant (I've been trusted to keep secrets!) a Mentor to some (maybe!) and that girl most people can rely on.

I'm also an Aunt, a Daughter, a Step-Daughter, a Sister, a Step-Sister, a Cousin, a Grand-Daughter, a Daughter-In-Law, a Sister-In-Law, a Niece, an Employee/Co-Worker etc etc etc.

I am also, when you strip away all my titles, still Me underneath it all. I have chosen the roles I play and I've been careful to not take on more than I can handle. I love my life and I love who I am to all the people I have connections with. I'm very aware of the amount of energy I need in order to fulfill all my obligations. Once in awhile, we encounter someone who we connect with, create a bond with but find they don't take up a lot of our energy at all. There is such a flow of positive energy between you that neither of you feel empty or robbed at the end of the conversation. The energy is transferred back and forth. Neither of you have any more or less energy than what you brought with you to begin with, but it's been shared. It becomes different energy. It's exchanged energy which can leave you feeling rejuvinated and refreshed. Some of these people may even make your soul smile. These friendships/relationships/connections are vital in maintaining who you really are. And before you can be "someone" to anyone else, you must first be you to yourself. Make sense? Hmmm.... maybe not to everyone, but it works for me.

Anyways.... I got off on a bit of a tangent here.... that was a bit heavy. The mini version is that I LOVED the movie Avatar ;-)

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