Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm A Fake, You're A Fake, We're All Fake For Goodness Sake

For goodness sake, or what people tend to think is for goodness sake, we tell little white lies to each other everyday, often to make each other feel better. We answer "yes" when asked if we like the homemade cookies our coworker thoughtfully baked and brought into work for us, even if we don't. We tell people "it's ok" even when it's not and we do things we don't want to do simply to appease someone else.  Is this ok? Maybe.... but it's still being fake.
For years, I have prided myself on not being fake but I've just recently realized, after much thought and carefully recalling recent events in my head, that I am! I try to live a wholesome life and be a truthful person but the truth is, I do it all too. I omit, I have trouble saying "no" to people and I struggle with how to word things. These all play a part in being phoney.
I don't know what I can do to change it, or even if I will, but for now I'm just glad that I can acknowledge I am this way. Until I figure it all out, I can at least be honest to myself in knowing that I admit I AM in fact a fake!!

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