Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Takes Two To Tango

Who knew that all it would take is a few dance lessons to re-connect and find a new way to have a little fun every week? 
For years I've been asking my husband to take lessons with me and for years he's flat out refused. At Christmas, my wonderful Mother-in-law bought me a gift certificate and told me to go ahead and take whoever I wanted..... but I wanted Chris to go with me so I waited. And waited and waited and waited. Every once in awhile I'd mention it and he'd shut me down. Finally, after five months of asking (and waiting) he caved and I booked our first lesson!
I pretty much had to drag him in from the parking lot when we got there but an hour later as we were leaving he confessed to having a good time because it was with me. There's something about having to look into each others eyes as you move through the steps that re-connects what has always been there. Although we do Date Nights, we hang out watching TV and we plan family weekends away, we seldom do get to do something outside of the house that requires this much focus on each other and without the kids. We race through our chaotic lives of parenthood each and everyday, trying to keep the household running smooth and sometimes the romance does get lost in that shuffle.
I only love him more for doing this with me. Good thing it takes two to tango!

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