Saturday, May 5, 2012

RIP MCA ..Love Carter

I was at work last night when I heard the news about the death of MCA. My kids were asleep when I got home but my husband told me he had mentioned it to the Boys. Carter was kind of weirded out by his death when he brought it up to me this morning.. and said it was really odd that I didn't leave him a Star Wars Shirt out to wear yesterday.
I know why. I always leave my kids clothes out for the week and the outfits reflect the type of activities they will be involved in for the day as well as coordinate with what the weather forecast has predicted. (yes, I'm that damned organized) May 4th was Star Wars Day. My kids have a few different character shirts I could have laid out for them but for some reason at the time of sorting their laundry, Star Wars Day had slipped my mind. Instead I had left Carter's loved, well worn Beastie Boys Shirt out for that morning..
When Carter mentioned this coincidence to me today I could see his heart through his eyes and I understand that he gets what I get. He feels that sense of connectedness and notices that even small coincidences should not go unnoticed. It's not about him relating in any way to this band personally; it's about realizing the awareness that we are all connected in some way or another. He was born with these instincts but is just beginning to recognize the wonder behind them all. It's pretty awesome to watch and see.


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