Friday, May 25, 2012

Mom, We KNOW!

It's a weekday morning ritual. Most days it's up to me to get my boys and my two nieces on the school bus. The girls come over just as my boys have finished packing their belongings & brushing teeth. They sit and watch TV and as soon as Pokemon is over, they know they need to hustle and get out the door. When I heard the show was over this morning I said as I always do "C'mon Kids, let's get going!" and Carter responded with such certainty "Mom, we KNOW that when Pokemon is done we need to go, you don't always have to tell us!!" In that moment I realized that they are that independent, that they don't need that cue call anymore ..they understand routine and time lines. For years it has been my job to keep things in order and without even realizing it, I've trained my successors. I took a minute to think about other small things that they do on their own and felt a sense of Mommy accomplishment; a sense of Mom pride for the things you don't intentionally teach them but by setting a good example, they learn. Those things.
As I stood there internalizing all of this Carter called me out of my trance and says "Coming Mom?!" Oh, right! The school bus! With my usual pottery mug full of coffee in hand we did our usual walk to the stop, waved to the same usual neighbours and met up with the other Moms and Kids as we always do. I like this routine but wonder how much longer it too will last as they all go and grow up on me. As the bus approaches all four of them gather around me, their lips pursed for smooches and one by one I get to kiss them them all goodbye for the day, thanking my lucky stars they are not so grown up that they want to give that up just yet. It makes me smile inside and out.
And as for the next day I get them on the bus, I'm just going to stand back with my coffee and watch them finish their TV show, get their things together on their own without telling them what needs to be done and wait for my "Coming Mom?!" cue.

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