Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Love Inspires Me To Be A Better Human

Recently a friend wrote me a note..... a hand written note, which are more special than any other kind. It said "Your love inspires me to be a better human"  I'm not sure how thoroughly this friend thought that through before writing that, but it has had an enormous impact on me. I've had many cards and notes from people I love and respect who have written very kind and generous words to me over the years. I have families I have provided child care for who have said and written things, to express to me how much I'm loved and appreciated, which have made my heart melt. This particular statement however has run through my head numerous times and I believe it is the highest compliment I've ever been given from another adult.  (Children say wonderful things to me all the time but adults aren't always as generous in expressing such emotion!) These words take my breath away and makes my soul smile in a way I've never experienced before. I'm a different person now, because of those words.

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