Monday, August 17, 2009

The Babymoon Is Over.....

The baby in our house will turn five in the morning.... At 8am exactly.

When I was pregnant with both of my boys, I had joyous visions of all the baby things I wanted to do and be a part of. Go to Mommy groups, join Gymboree, sign up for swim lessons, subscribe to Today's Parent Magazine, take a Make Your Own Baby Food Class etc etc etc. I did it all and loved every minute of it. Back then, I thought I had a lifetime of this baby bliss ahead of me.

At the ages they are now, (7 & 5) they go to swim lessons on their own, most of the articles in my mommy magazine don't pertain to their age groups anymore and they are very, very independent. They do and go to activities on their own these days. They have voices and use them to tell us what they want to be a part of and more importantly, what they don't.

The truth is, the babymoon is over for me. Although I made the most of the time that I had when my kids were really little, I'm still finding it hard to accept that those years are gone for me. Guess I'm gonna just have to suck it up because I have a five year olds birthday to get ready for in the morning.... (sigh)

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