Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make Your Own Baby food

Making your own baby food doesn't only make sense because it's healthier and fresher but it saves you cash as well! Who really knows how long ago that food was grown or how long it has been in those jars? Who had a hand in preparing what you are about to feed your CHILD?! It's so simple to make and there are a number of sites on the internet to suggest to you ingredients to include to add protein when the baby gets to the "time to add meat to their diet" stage. (lentils, nutritional yeast, brown rice, tofu etc etc.) It's really not rocket science.
We've always been an "on-the-go" family. My children on occasion ate jarred, usually organic baby food but I never felt good about it. It was for convenience sake. Then I learned the trick of FREEZING it into ice cube trays and creating individual portions for easy transport.
The basics of making your own baby food is to steam the veggies until they are soft enough to mash or puree, add protein if they are at "that stage" and give them lots of variety. My kids always loved carrots & squash combined, or blueberries & apples combined. Be creative and open your child up to a whole world of new and wonderful foods!

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