Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Be Fair, Buy Fair Trade!

I was grocery shopping this evenings and when I went to pick up bananas, I noticed there was a sign in the next section that said "Fair Trade Bananas" They were all of twenty cents more expensive per pound. Shouldn't all bananas be Fair Trade? Doesn't every human deserve to be paid at the very least what the minimum wage is for their local area? Why is it even legal to have non-fair-trade bananas? The same thing puzzles me about coffee. I know that buying organic has become sort of a trend in recent years, but people need to be made more aware of what it means to be buying Fair Trade over non-fair-trade and how buying Fair Trade on a regular basis will force the industry to pay the workers fairly. These hard working people are being exploited just so we can have our bananas and coffee at a measly twenty cents cheaper per pound?? It makes no sense to me and it really pisses me off! What is wrong with this world?! It's 2009... it really doesn't need to be this way.

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