Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

This photo was taken Thanksgiving Day at my in-laws place. We all got together for dinner and you could see in my MIL's face how important that was for her to have everyone gathered together. She did a quick toast to us all telling us how lucky she is to have such a wonderful family.

For the past 5 years, Chris and I haven't left the house on Christmas Day. We decided that it is the only day of the year that Santa comes and to tear them away from their new stuff they just got and rush around all day, was not going to happen. This obviously has caused mayhem each and every year but as we explained to everyone, there are many days over the holidays to get together and there are a number of other occasions throughout the year to have dinner as a family. This one day each year was to be a day at home in our pj's, a day to play, a day to take in the magic and avoid the chaos of a child's Christmas. As children, Chris and I both remember opening our gifts, then rushing to get ready to go somewhere and wear itchy, dressy, uncomfortable clothing. On the years we were hosting at our house, my mum couldn't get to the kitchen fast enough after opening gifts and she really missed out on the day by cooking it away. Call us selfish, call us untraditional but we are happy we did what we did. My only regret is that our absence caused some hurt feelings towards some of the most important people in our lives. If they don't already realize, then I hope they'll someday understand why we did what we did.

Two years ago, I promised my mother-in-law we would start venturing out on Christmas day again, the year Callum turned five. So, this is it. We're going there Christmas Day this year. As we've been approaching the holiday season, I was starting to feel like maybe we shouldn't have made that commitment just yet. Maybe we should be staying home for at least another year, but after being at her house for Thanksgiving, I'm glad we're going. Our boys are older now and they are ready to experience the chaos Christmas brings. My MIL is very proud of her family and has been looking forward to this year for a long time. The closer we get now, the more I'm looking forward to it as well. I will NOT be dressing my kids in itchy, dressy, uncomfortable clothing though.

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