Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Some might call them weeds. Not I. These yellow beauties that pop up all over my grass during the summer are sometimes the highlight of my day.

When I send my boys out to play, they pick them for me. They come running into the house with big bright smiles on their adorable little faces saying, "Mom! Mom! These are for you!!" They are full of pride when they hand them over and it makes me happy to know they are learning how wonderful it feels to give. I even have a special Dandelion vase that magnets to the fridge where I can keep them in water. (Yes, I keep my "weeds" in water.)

I do love Fall but now that Summer has come to an end, the Dandelions gifts from my kids are few and far between. I am treasuring every last one I get these days.

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