Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Comic Art

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, a comedian, invited me out to one of his shows and it opened up my eyes to a whole new art form. I watch stand up on TV and have been to other people's shows so the idea of someone telling jokes on stage wasn't new. It's the behind the scenes, heart and soul that goes into making it all that happen that I'd never really considered before being privy to the inside that I find to be so interesting. I became a 'groupie' although in the world of comedy I'm just called a 'regular' lol and I watch a lot of the same comics do the same routine week after week ....but never see the same show twice. It's really cool to see them rhyme off their jokes but then add a twist to it, give it alternative punch line or change it up just a little and get a whole different reaction from the crowd. That's talent. These guys and girls deserve a lot more praise and recognition than I can give them here on this blog post I'm quickly spewing off. There are far too many comic geniuses in my local area to list here and now but they are definitely worth checking out and if you follow me on Twitter I retweet show info when they post it. A few of the boys such as Javier Enrique, Anthony Mlekuz, along with fellow comedian friends/guests Manolis Zontanos, Patrick Coppolino and Clifford Myers do a Sunday late night Radio Show on Indi 101 called "Funny And Friends". They spend an hour give or take talking about the stories of how they came up with certain material, they share advice they have been given by other comics to improve making their sets as successful as they are and disclose things they've lived and learned on their comic journey. Usually there is a theme but whether or not they stay on topic all depends on the week. One thing is for sure though, they make me laugh as they they merge their 'totally on' comedian selves with their everyday realistic selves. They also spend a whole lot of time bantering and ranting about ....nothing. But it's funny nothingness so have a listen! And/or check out their web pages for show info and cool venues ....then go absorb some of that artsy energy these fine comedians will fill your soul with.

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