Thursday, July 16, 2009

"The" Conversation

Someone close to us, but I won't say who, is going for a vasectomy tomorrow. As a gift we bought him coconut cream pie and a sympathy card in which we wrote "When life eff's with the cream in your coconuts, eat coconut cream pie and feel better." We thought it was funnier than he did. Although Chris and I both think we are done having kids, we just can't go "there" yet. I am very happy with two children and I am not yearning to have a baby in the house again but neither of us are ready to take that conversation just yet.

Chris hasn't admitted this but I do think he feels a vasectomy would compromise his manhood. Let there be no mistake; when the time comes to consider getting it done, I will NOT buy into that crap. He will be frozen for the procedure, the pain will last a few days and he gets to sleep it off! It's really nothing in comparison to what us woman have to endure. Including the pregnancies where I miscarried I have been pregnant a total of 25 months, was in labour for 31 hours WITHOUT drugs (not even for the episiotomy!) and had a six week recovery period times two where I was completely sleep deprived, hormonal and.... well, lets not get into the gory details.

No, we haven't gone there yet. "The" conversation hasn't hit the table in our house.... yet. We can't make the commitment to get snipped, because getting snipped means we would be making the commitment to be done....

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