Friday, July 24, 2009

Peace Love and Fitba

I am the first one born in Canada on both sides of my family. My parents and the rest of my extended family are from Scotland. My boys are surrounded by people with Scottish accents and so it's no wonder they pick up certain phrases and words. Since the time Callum first learned how to talk, he has been all about sports. Soccer is one of his favourites but he has always referred to it as "football". My family calls soccer "football" and football "American Football." (cuz thats not confusing!) Anyways, Callum picked up the term football at a very young age and even learned the accent to go with it. "Fitba."

He calls it fitba just like the rest of my family says it. We have tried to correct him and remind him we call it soccer or football without the accent but it's sticking with him. He won't stop saying it. It's hilarious. Peace, Love and Fitba.

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