Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RIP Tori Stafford

I cannot even imagine what the Stafford family must be going through today. Victoria Stafford's remains have been found. I can't imagine how they have been coping all these weeks since Tori's disappearance. Since April 8th when we first heard of her being led away from her own school yard, I've often found myself thinking (and hoping) for her. With Tori being so close in age to my own son, this story has hit very close to home for me.
As a teenager, I was traumatized by horrific death of our school mate Leslie Mahaffy. She will never be forgotten. To think that these situations even occur and can happen in our own neighbourhood is absolutely nausiating. What sort of world are we living in? I am in constant fear for the safety of our kids and am saddened for the loss of so many innocent children who have died at the hands of demons.
RIP Tori.

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