Friday, July 10, 2009

Roller Coasters Will Never Be The Same

Never ever in my life was I afraid of roller coasters.... until I became a mother. Carter asked me to on Dragon Mountain with him and I pulled at his seat belt and safety bar making sure it was on properly until the second we started to move. I stretched my arm across him diagonally (like I was going to catch him if he were to fall out!) and away we went. We looped upside down, went through tunnels and at a speed that made me feel like I had a facelift. When we got off, Carter was "whoot whooing" about how great that was as I tried not to show how much agony I was in! I had pulled something in my neck & back. I had clenched my muscles the entire ride to be sure I could stop Carter from falling out if by chance he did, and now I had injured myself. That was once me "whoot whooing" after a cool ride..... but now I'm that parent needs to sit and take some ibuprofen before I can carry on for a fun filled day in the theme park with my kids.

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