Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Taking My Parka

I live in Canada and know I have no right to complain about how cold it is here from October to May. The nasty winter weather we get is all part of being a true Canadian. I don't get angry about having to shovel the driveway four times in a day just to keep it from piling higher than my front doorway. I get just as excited as the kids when the local news tells us it's a "Snow Day" and school is cancelled. No, I have no right to complain about the weather in the winter. I live in Canada. After all, we have summer to look forward to, all winter long!

So here it is, July 22nd and I'm getting ready to meet my girlfriends for a Girls Night Out. For a typical July summer evening, I'd need to choose something sleeveless as at this hour I'd normally be melting. I'd consider taking something with sleeves for much later in the evening in case we hit a patio but I probably wouldn't need it. It would be left in the car but there just in case. All year, I look forward to these kind of outings where I can expose my newly painted pedicured toes in my Birkenstocks (will never gives those up) and sport whatever styley new shirt I bought to go out to meet the girls in.

Today as I mentioned, it's July 22nd ... and today I am in a sweater and pants. It is so FREAKIN' FAR from a typical July summer night that I'm feeling COMPLETELY ripped off by Mother Nature right now. It is a high of nineteen degrees today. There isn't even any sunshine to make it appear summer-like! (quick look out the window...) OMG, it's POURING RAIN now!! Thanks a lot MN. You are ruining summer.

Well, I'm off now to meet the girls but we'll be skipping the patio by the looks of things. I'm taking my parka to leave in the car.... just in case!

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