Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eff You M.N.

I've had it with the crappy summer we've been having. Rain, rain and more rain. It was the same last summer as well. Every camping trip we tried to go on, we were either rained out or we just sucked it up, stuck through it and got wet. Really, really wet. We've taken advantage of our little camper ONCE this season and it's already nearing the end of July. I have only had my a/c on ONCE this year and let it run for only three days. (which is great for the environment but not great for my husband who can't find work because of the weather and especially not great for my summer in general!)
I am not an angry person and do not usually get mad about things that are beyond my control, but today was different. I've had it with the weather. I'm at the end of my rope. We had a rain storm so bad today that my belongings in my basement are now swimming. We were flooded. Not just us either. Our entire court got hit and I think my SIL's place probably has the most damage from what we hear. Brutal. Eff You, Mother Nature. Give us some sunshine already!

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