Monday, July 13, 2009

I do NOT have a big mouth!

I'll admit it. I've been told I have a big mouth. More than once even. But today, those people were proven WRONG!

I enjoy going to the dentist almost as much as I would enjoy eating my own arm. I went to my new dentist today for my new patient visit. The hygienist cleaned and scraped and counted and measured and poked and told me she was going to perform a probing exam.... Excuse me?? A what? Turns out it was NOT what I had thought and it wasn't so bad after all. While the dentist was checking my teeth (and commenting on how cute the one baby tooth I still have is; I totally got ripped off by the Tooth Fairy) she said to me "You have a really little mouth".

And there we have it. Spoken by a true professional. I "have a really
l-i-t-t-l-e mouth." I think I'm gonna like this new dentist!

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